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Relevant Historical Events


  • SWe signed two agreements between Fundación MINEROS and Oro Legal, one for beekeeping and another for reforestation related to beekeeping.
  • We published the 2016 Sustainability Report, which includes an account of the Company’s business, social and environmental activities during that year. This document is written according to the United Nations Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards.
  • We negotiated the collective work agreement with the alluvial mining union, which is affiliated with El Bagre section of SINTRAMIENERGÉTICA. We negotiated the period from 2017 to 2019.
  • Mr. Rafael Ángel Roldán Jiménez retired from the Company after 38 years of work. His last position was as Operations Manager in Colombia. Mr. Ramiro Humberto Jaramillo replaced him, who previously acted as the Alluvial Mining Director.


  • We renovated the Company’s corporate image, consolidating it as a corporate group with operations in Colombia and Nicaragua.
  • We adjusted the corporate structure, where the managers became chief officers, three of them corporate chief officers for the whole Corporate Group: Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, Chief Supply Chain Officer and Chief Business Development Officer. The Operations Manager in Colombia maintained the same role.
  • Mr. Gonzalo Gómez Vargas retired from the Company after 42 years of work. His last position was as Mineros Business Manager. The Chilean engineer, Eduardo Flores Zelaya, replaced him, becoming the Corporate Chief Business Development Officer.


  • Ms. Beatriz Uribe Restrepo retired from the company after 39 years of work, 16 of them leading the Company, firstly as the General Manager and then as CEO.
  • Mr. Andrés Restrepo Isaza replaced her as the new Company CEO. Mr. Restrepo had been the Deputy CEO of the Company since April 2014.
  • We officially opened and started the Providencia III Hydroelectric Power Plant in the Anorí Municipality, Antioquia. With this power plant, the Company increased its power generation capacity by 9.1 MW, adding to the 9.1 MW generated by Providencia I.
  • In May, Fundación Mineros celebrated its five-year anniversary since its creation. During this time, it has been running programs and projects to benefit the residents of the regions where we operate.
  • We signed a new collective work agreement, which will be effective until April 30, 2017.
  • On November 23, in Madrid, Spain, we won the Silver 2015 Ibero-American Quality Award, in the Private Companies category.


  • MINEROS acquired another 5% of HEMCO in Nicaragua, added to the 90% that the Company obtained in 2013.
  • We won the 2014 ANDESCO Corporate Social Responsibility Award as winners of “Best Environmental Performance” in the “Other Sectors of the National Economy” category.
  • Additionally, we won the National Award for Excellence and Innovation in Management awarded by Corporación Calidad, with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism.
  • Concluyó la etapa de conversión de las normas contables nacionales a las Normas Internacionales de Información Financiera -NIIF-, de acuerdo al Decreto 2784 del 2012.
  • We completed the conversion stage from the national accounting standards to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in accordance with Decree 2784 / 2012.
  • We received the following awards from Fundación Siembra Colombia: Sustainable Management Index, Environmental Management Index, Social Management Index and Biodiversity Management Index.
  • We successfully carried out a new survey on the Organization’s stakeholders to find out their perception of the work that MINEROS carries out in the communities.
  • As part of the RENOVA renovation and improvement project, we successfully completed the implementation of SAP ERP for MINEROS in the Treasury, Accounting, Maintenance, Supplies, Finance and Payroll processes.
  • We satisfactorily completed the repair of the hull of Dredger 5 and the maintenance of its structures, making important savings in costs and time.
  • We celebrated the Company’s 40-year anniversary.


  • Start of the project to eliminate mercury from the gold recovery process in two of the Company’s five bucket dredgers.
  • We started the Mining School for the Lower Cauca region in Antioquia, an education initiative promoted by MINEROS and the Colombian National Apprenticeship Service (SENA, for the Spanish original) that aims to generate more opportunities for young people and adults in the region.
  • As part of the international expansion and acquisitions plan, MINEROS bought 90% of the Nicaraguan company HEMCO S.A. with its headquarters in the Bonanza Municipality.
  • Acquisition of two new suction dredgers for alluvial mining for more efficient extraction of the mineral.
  • Firma de la convención colectiva de trabajadores de MINEROS S.A., la cual estará vigente hasta el 30 de abril de 2015.
  • Signing of the collective work agreement of MINEROS S.A., which will be in force until April 30, 2015.
  • Start of the RENOVA project, an investment in technology upgrades and continuous improvement of the Company’s processes, which consists of four sub-projects: SAP ERP, hosting infrastructure, communications infrastructure and IT project.
  • We started the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) project with the aim to align the financial statements with the international standards.
  • Official delivery of the first stage of the “Bosques de Mineros” residential development, a housing project that will provide 214 decent housing solutions to families in El Bagre.
  • The Providencia I Hydroelectric Power Plant started its fifth power generation unit, which will produce 1.8 megawatts (MW) for a total energy supply of 9.1 MW.
  • We continued the construction of the Providencia III Hydroelectric Power Plant with a generation capacity of 10 MW, a double-circuit transmission line and its related substations.
  • The United Nations certified the Providencia I and Providencia III power plant projects as Clean Development Mechanisms (CDMs), which means that the whole power generation process in MINEROS meets the highest quality standards, respecting the environment.
  • Fundación Siembra Colombia awarded MINEROS S.A. with the 2013 Sustainable Colombia Environmental Responsibility Award for its River Turtle Conservation and Management program that it implements in the lower basin of the Nechí River (Lower Cauca region of Antioquia).
  • Fundación Siembra Colombia made a special acknowledgement of the environmental management by MINEROS S.A. with the Gold 2013 Sustainable Management Award.
  • MINEROS signed an employment partnership with the SENA, which reinforces its commitment to keep supporting apprentices through internships and to consider them for the Company’s hiring processes.


  • The Colombian President’s Office and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism granted MINEROS the 2012 Colombian Quality Management Award for the quality of all its processes, in operations as well as social and environmental responsibility.
  • The Medellín City Hall and the Departmental Government of Antioquia awarded MINEROS S.A. with the 2012 Corporate Transparency Award in the Corporate Social Responsibility category.
  • Through its Corporate Social Responsibility “Britcham Lazos” program, the British and Colombian Chamber of Commerce gave MINEROS S.A. the Best Initiative in Environmental Practices award as acknowledgement of the Company’s environmental actions and strategies to benefit communities in its area of influence.


  • MINEROS S.A. won the Silver 2011 Environmental Responsibility Award of Fundación Siembra Colombia for its “Agroforestry Land: Seeds of Local Development in the Municipalities of El Bagre and Zaragoza, Antioquia” program.
  • The Secretary of Mines of the Departmental Government of Antioquia and Corporación Calidad awarded MINEROS S.A. with the 2011 Responsible Mining award for its high performance in its daily operations and management, as well as its responsible mining processes. The award used a global approach that assessed the ethical, environmental, community and labor aspects promoted by the Company.
  • We started the project to extend the Providencia Hydroelectric Power Plant to increase electricity production and supply the Company’s operations. With this extension, we also hope to sell electricity to the municipalities in the Company’s area of influence.
  • After several months of negotiation, we signed the collective agreement for two more years with our employees for the period from 2011 to 2013.
  • We renovated the Company’ www.mineros.com.co


  • After the repair of Suction Dredger 3 and Suction Dredger 11, Production Unit 1 was like new and ready to extract gold for at least 20 more years.
  • We wrote the 2010 Sustainability Report, which includes the Company’s efforts toward corporate and environmental social responsibility based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards.
  • social responsibility based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. Thanks to the agreement between the Colombian Institute of Rural Development (INCODER, for the Spanish original) and MINEROS, 74 land deeds were granted in El Bagre, Zaragoza and Nechí.
  • The residents of the agroforestry land lots 8, 9, 10, 20, 21, 22 and 23 built a fish farming enclosure in the artificial wetland called Boca de la Llana in the Amacerí Town of El Bagre. The aim is to preserve the fishing resource and encourage fish farming development in the area.
  • Fundación MINEROS S.A. was created with the aim to promote social, political and economic development in the geographical areas of the country where the Company carries out its operations.
  • MINEROS delivered 80 complete hives, 16 nuclei made up by less aggressive Africanized bees, 16 levers, 32 complete beekeeping suits and 16 jumbo smokers to 16 tenant farmer families. The aim is for beekeeping to become an important economic activity for the region in the near future.
  • MINEROS received three acknowledgements for its environmental work: the 2010 Environmental Responsibility, Best in Agriculture and Vida awards.


  • MINEROS came in second place in the honor roll of companies with “outstanding financial performance” according to the prestigious NOTA ECONÓMICA magazine in the 500 Empresas Platinum 2009-2010 (500 Platinum Companies 2009-2010) article.
  • We wrote the 2009 Sustainability Report, which includes the Company’s efforts toward corporate and environmental social responsibility based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards.
  • We opened the La Ye Mine extractive plant, the first vein mining project of MINEROS S.A.
  • INCODER - MINEROS S.A. agreement. The Lawer Cauca region of Antioquia lands now have owners. At the end of 2009, MINEROS measured 12,400 hectares, comprising 528 properties, with a cost of COP 129,200,000.
  • The residents of the agroforestry land of MINEROS S.A. enjoy drinkable water as they have treatment plants in their homes that the Company installed.
  • On October 1, MINEROS S.A. signed the sale agreement of Mineros Nacionales with Medoro Resources INC., a company incorporated in Panama.
  • The MINEROS S.A. company prepared its first sustainability report according to the international standards of the Global Reporting Initiative.


  • In March, MINEROS S.A. created its Innovation and Development Division, which works exclusively on solving technological problems, upgrading processes and generating new ideas for alluvial operations.
  • We wrote the 2008 Sustainability Report, which includes the Company’s efforts toward corporate and environmental social responsibility. From this year, said publication was adapted to the standards required by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).
  • On July 2, the Company received the Olami Ecology and Environment “Gildo Sá de Albuquerque” award in the medium and small mining category for its “Corporate Responsibility, a Commitment to Local Development” program.
  • On November 29, we opened Production Unit 5 (PU5) after a remarkable ceremony thanks to the effort and commitment of all the people who participated in this project, which is part of the Company’s new phase of mining expansion.
  • In April, the Company received the OHSAS 18001:2000 certification from ICONTEC, and in November, it renewed the OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. The OHSAS 18001 certification of occupational health and safety is an example of how the behavior of all MINEROS S.A. employees has evolved.
  • La Administración municipal de El Bagre, la Diócesis de Santa Rosa de Osos, el Sena, Corantioquia y MINEROS S.A. crearon un Ecocentro de formación técnica y profesional que se ocupa de capacitar jóvenes para el empleo en esta zona del departamento. Las instalaciones del Colegio Diocesano, de propiedad de MINEROS S.A., sirven de sede al Ecocentro.


  • The Company and the Regional Autonomous Corporation of the Center of Antioquia (CORANTIOQUIA) signed an agreement to develop comprehensive environmental management programs in the Lower Cauca region of Antioquia.
  • MINEROS S.A. received the ISO 14001: 2004 certificate from the Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification (ICONTEC, for the Spanish original).
  • In order to facilitate the process of acquiring deeds for uncultivated land in El Bagre, Nechí and Zaragoza, INCODER and MINEROS S.A. implemented the land legalization agreement. By granting deeds, settlers (farmers of the region) can receive credit and benefit from the programs offered by the state for rural farming projects.
  • On November 19, MINEROS S.A. received an extension of the 2000 version of the ISO 9001 quality certificate. The new accreditation is for the process of preparing exploration samples of the gold deposits for laboratory analysis.
  • La Ye became a reality and it will be the first vein mine of MINEROS S.A. We successfully completed the exploration and feasibility phases. The construction stage started on November 1, with preparation of the mine.


  • MINEROS S.A. came in third place in the Codesarrollo Self-Management award for its implementation of environmental and social programs. The aim of these programs is environmental recovery of the land and improvement of the economic conditions and quality of life of its employees and communities in its area of influence.
  • The professional risk management company Agrícola de Seguros awarded MINEROS S.A. with the Preventive Company Award in Accident Control.
  • The Colombian President, Álvaro Uribe Vélez, awarded MINEROS S.A. with a special acknowledgement for its social and environmental work and for its contribution to the country’s development. The award was given by the Secretary of Productivity and Competitiveness of Antioquia and by the Asomineros Chamber of the ANDI as part of the second International Mining Fair, which was held in Medellín.
  • MINEROS S.A. adheres to the Antioquia Alliance for Equality, an initiative of the public and private sectors led by the Departmental Government of Antioquia to generate fair living conditions.
  • The Company’s Occupational Health Parity Committee won first prize in the competition for these committees held in Club el Rodeo in Medellín.


  • The www.mineros.com.co website went online. Celebration of the 30-year anniversary and the opening of the Santa Paula Dredger were the earliest news items.
  • The Río Viejo Electricity Substation started operations and the Santa Paula dredger was the first to be supplied.
  • The “Empresas Líderes de Colombia” (Leading Companies of Colombia) book highlights MINEROS S.A. as one of the most dynamic companies in the mining sector.
  • Bucket Dredger 3, Jobo, was upgraded. The alterations allow it to reach a dredging depth of 26 meters, one meter deeper than before the changes.
  • The National Business Association of Colombia (ANDI, for the Spanish original) appointed the General Manager of MINEROS S.A., Beatriz Uribe Restrepo, to its Board of Directors.
  • We won the Vida Award for our results in environmental management. The Regional Autonomous Corporation of Central Antioquia (CORANTIOQUIA, for the Spanish original) and the Institute for the Development of Antioquia (IDEA, for the Spanish original) granted the award.


  • Mineros de Antioquia S.A. changed its name to MINEROS S.A. (May 3)
  • The manufacturing of Suction Dredger 15 was requested from IHC Holland to form Production Unit 4 together with Bucket Dredger 14.
  • MINEROS S.A. shares occupy third place in the highest appreciation of stock ranking on the Colombian Securities Exchange with 177%.
  • The Company received the Marco Fidel Suárez Medal from the Air Command Number 5 as part of the celebration of the 85 years of the Colombian Air Force and the 13 years of said command.
  • Experts of the Nota Económica magazine rated the financial performance of MINEROS S.A. during the period from 2001 to 2004 with 4.6 out of 5 in the Platinum book.


  • Certification and renewal of the ISO 9001 quality management system, 2000 version.
  • The Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Development authorized the new Production Unit 4, comprised of dredgers 14 and 15 of Mineros de Antioquia S.A.
  • With an investment of more than COP 20 billion, the Mineros El Dorado S.A. dredger was rebuilt, which could not operate on the Saldaña River.
  • Acknowledgement of the CEO of Mineros de Antioquia S.A., Ms. Beatriz Uribe Restrepo, with Shield of Arms awarded by the Antioquia Police Force.


  • Electricity connection between the systems of Mineros de Antioquia S.A. and Empresa Antioqueña de Energía (EADE).


  • Adoption of the Environmental Management Plan approved by the Ministry of the Environment to prevent, offset and mitigate the environmental impacts of gold mining operations.
  • Start of the Farming Lots program in areas previously mined by Mineros de Antioquia S.A. Start of the project to recover several valuable parts of Dredger 4, which sunk in 1986.
  • Start of the classification study of flora and fauna in the areas of the Company’s mining blocks.
  • Certification in the ISO 9001 quality management system, 1994 version.
  • Start of operations of the new Suction Dredger 13, Yamaba.
  • Start of operation of the comprehensive modernization project of the electricity system to respond to the increasing demand for electricity.
  • Start of operation of the new Power Generation Unit 1 in the Providencia Hydroelectric Power Plant, increasing the electricity generated by 1,450 Kw.


  • Bucket Dredger 8 sunk due to operating failure in the Santa Bárbara location.


  • Strike that lasted 70 days due to the lack of consensus to sign the 1995-1997 Collective Agreement, the greatest difficulty lying on the new Law 100 of Social Security, which established different conditions for the provision of healthcare services.


  • Start of operations of the new Suction Dredger 12, Bijagual.
  • Restart of operations of Generation Unit 2 of the Providencia Hydroelectric Power Plant.
  • The Ministry of Mines and Energy signed the concession contracts that granted Mineros El Dorado S.A. the right and the obligation to mine alluvial gold in the Ataco area, Tolima Department, Colombia.


  • Mineros de Antioquia S.A. acquired 51% of Mineros Nacionales S.A., a company that mines a gold deposit in Marmato, Caldas Department.


  • The trade union of Mineros de Antioquia S.A. (Sintramineros) ordered a full strike as rejection of the Company’s decision to set back one hour the new working hours decreed by the Colombian government. Said strike lasted sixteen days after being declared illegal.
  • Arrival of Suction Dredger 11, Yamesí, and start of its operation in the work carried out by Dredger 10.
  • Illegal armed groups blew up the sluice gate of the Aljibes spillway and one of the desander valves of the tunnel between the Providencia Hydroelectric Power Plant and Aljibes, with the Company losing its energy generation capacity.
  • The year ended with a strike that lasted 106 says due to the lack of agreement for the negotiation of the 1992-1994 Collective Agreement.
  • Bucket Dredger 5 in the Puerto Claver District sunk close to the bank of the Amacerí River.


  • Castolin Eutectic of Lausanne, Switzerland, gave Mineros de Antioquia S.A. the international Conservationist of the Year Award for technological development and protection of the environment.


  • The union of Mineros de Antioquia S.A. Was nominated by the Company and received the “Mundo Oro” prize awarded by the El Mundo newspaper as an example of bravery and service to defend the right to work in light of vandalism by the illegal armed groups.
  • Declaration of the institutional mission based on strategic planning.


  • Mineros de Antioquia S.A. came close to a complete standstill due to acts by illegal armed groups. The timely intervention of the Air Force, the 10th and 11th Brigades of the Colombian Army and the Antioquia Police Force, as well as the invaluable support of the Company’s staff, families and community prevented a complete standstill.


  • Mineros de Antioquia S.A. started the process of legalizing urban properties settled on by families with limited resources, who became their legitimate owners. Universidad de Antioquia delivered the environmental impact study on gold mining in Lower Cauca region of Antioquia and Northeastern Antioquia to Mineros de Antioquia S.A.


  • Sinking of Dredger 4 due to dynamite placed in its hull by illegal armed groups. This event caused the loss of one-sixth of the Company’s production capacity and the elimination of 100 job positions.


  • Strike for 51 days.
  • Foundation of the firefighter brigade of Mineros de Antioquia S.A.


  • Start of the reforestation program covering at least 100 hectares a year in areas previously mined by Mineros de Antioquia S.A.


  • MINEROS El Dorado S.A., in which Mineros de Antioquia S.A. Held the majority of shares, made the first concession application to mine gold from a deep alluvial deposit of the Saldaña River in the south of the Tolima Department, Colombia.


  • Dredger 10 starts operations, rebuilt in El Bagre by staff of Mineros de Antioquia S.A.


  • Strike for 71 days.


  • Mineros Colombianos S.A. sells Mineros del Chocó S.A. and its shareholding in Mineros de Antioquia S.A.


  • Dredger 9 starts operations, rebuilt in the district of Cuturú, Caucasia Municipality.


  • Mineros Colombianos S.A. purchased the assets of Pato Consolidated Gold Dredging and Choco Pacific from International Mining Co.


  • Bucket Dredger 7 sunk because of damage to its load in the district of Puerto Claver.
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