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Grupo Mineros S.A. is a private corporation in the business of mining gold and related metals, which aims to generate the most value for its shareholders with the growth of its mining operations through an excellent corporate management system based on corporate social responsibility.

VISIONIn 2020, Group MINEROS S.A. will be renowned for the profitable growth of its production and good environmental, human and social management.

Our ethical principles are the institutional values that rule us.  

We build relationships of trust with our stakeholders driven by humble and sincere attitudes. These relationships reflect our responsibility of fulfilling our commitments and agreements, being consistent in what we think, say and do.

Our attitudes and actions reflect the awareness and responsibility that we have toward self-care at work and safety in our practices. We are responsible, close to our communities, sensitive and active with the implementation of environmental practices that ensure the sustainability of natural resources.

We respect people’s dignity and rights, as well as the law, and we value harmonious coexistence and civility. We appreciate a diversity of cultures and different ways of thinking. We promote polite treatment and respectful relations.

We acknowledge our mistakes and transform them into opportunities for improvement. We learn from each other and help others to improve.

Our mutual teamwork, cooperation and support are the foundations to achieve the targets that we set ourselves in terms of results and productivity.


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