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EXPLORADORA MINERA S.A.S. was incorporated on March 15, 2010, for the exploration of different projects. Currently, said activities are mainly located in Bonanza, North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region in Nicaragua, Central America; in the municipality of El Bagre, Lower Cauca region of Antioquia, Colombia; and in the Ataco Municipality, Tolima Department, Colombia.

To date, we have a bank of projects with different exploration targets, and we are searching for new businesses and partnerships with strategic partners to increase our field of action.

Our exploration processes respect the environment, people and communities, so that every project started becomes a mine and an opportunity that brings employment and development to the area.

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The start, development and completion of each stage entail rigorous planning and environmental care. To do this, we act according to current environmental legislation, complying with the guidelines established in the Environmental Mining Guide on exploration, and on the conditions and needs of each stage and work front, through specific environmental management that involves strategies such as:
  • Management and preservation of the quality of water and existing water sources.
  • Optimal management of solid waste.
  • Development of rehabilitation and recovery programs for the affected soil.
  • Preservation, protection and recovery of flora and fauna.


So that the communities have a better quality of life during and after the mining operations, all of the MINEROS S.A. work team complies with our principles of action:
  • Respect for the country’s legal and social order, without replacing the duties of the state or the citizens.
  • Development of exploration and production activities while maintaining a healthy environment.
  • Respect for the environment and commitment to sustainability.
  • Complete transparency in our activities.
  • Respect for agreements made with our stakeholders.
  • Respect for cultural diversity, values and autonomy of social groups.
  • Support for the sustainable development of communities located in the areas of influence.
  • Promotion of ongoing communication and relations with the local population and institutions.


  • Exploration in Nicaragua:

    Exploration in Nicaragua: During 2015 and 2016, the Business Development Unit implemented a regional exploration project on the mining titles or concession contracts that HEMCO NICARAGUA S.A. (subsidiary of MINEROS S.A.) has in the country.

    This exploration program is mainly focused on the advanced targets of Vesubio and Pioneer in the Bonanza concession, where 43,000 m of diamond drilling had to be completed by the end of 2016.

  • Deep exploration in El Bagre District:

    In August 2016, we started preparation of a drilling plan in the district of El Bagre, Lower Cauca region of Antioquia, Colombia. The aim is to implement the plan mainly from 2017. Said project will have a yield of 10,000 meters drilled a year.

    The aim of this project is to resume greenfield exploration in the previously identified targets in the district by drilling to deeper levels than the already explored ones. This permits the identification of new opportunities that contribute to the sustainability and growth of the operation.

  • Ataco Project:

    COMPAÑÍA MINERA DE ATACO S.A.S. was created in 2010 with the aim to carry out gold mining through mining concession contracts 4971 and 4974 in the municipality of Ataco, Tolima Department, Colombia.

    Compañía Minera de Ataco S.A.S. is a Colombian company from Tolima with shareholders that include the owners of the properties located in areas of the mining concession titles. These landowners will contribute the land for mining and MINEROS S.A. will contribute the mining titles and the initial investment.

    The project has two mining phases: North Block and South Block. Currently, we are awaiting the environmental license for the North Block from the National Authority of Environmental Licenses (ANLA, for the Spanish original) to start the operating process, which is estimated to last three years for the first stage. The South Block has an expected duration of approximately 13 years.
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