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Underground Operations

 Underground mining covers all work to mine raw materials using technical methods. As well as extraction and transportation, it consists of prospecting and exploration activities, providing infrastructure (connection to the road network, construction of deposits and outside facilities, such as administrative offices, workshops, etc.), and the measures designed to ensure the safety of mining staff.

To carry out this activity, Grupo MINEROS S.A. created OPERADORA MINERA S.A.S. in 2009, a company that carries out its operations in the La Ye and Mangos mines in the jurisdiction of the Zaragoza Municipality, the Lower Cauca region of Antioquia, Colombia.


This kind of mining is a new activity for the Company, dating back to the end of 2009, when its first underground mine started operations. This mine was called La Ye and is located 3 km from the El Bagre Municipality in the jurisdiction of Zaragoza, Lower Cauca region of Antioquia, Colombia. There is a extraction plant there, which processes approximately 350 tons of rock a day.

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