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COVID-19 Biological Risk Protocol
Apr, 11

COVID-19 Biological Risk Protocol

According to joint Circular No. 01 of 2020 of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Mines and Energy, attached please find the last updated version of the COVID-19 Biological Risk Protocol of companies of Grupo Mineros S.A. in Colombia.

Likewise, and according to the circular, the Protocol is posted in our Web page and is being disseminated to all our workers.

Communications were also established with the mayors in our area of influence in Antioquia (Nechí, El Bagre, and Zaragoza), with copy to national and departmental authorities.

This protocol has been implemented for some weeks and is adjusted as we obtain more information and explanations, applying the same practices used in successful countries, such as South Korea, Czech Republic, Sweden, among others. Included are also proposals from the WHO, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, best practices and guidelines from the Ministry of Mines and Energy, practices and standards developed with our colleagues and the mining sector’s association (ACM for its acronym in Spanish) and other documents and lessons learned from our operation.

We are committed with health and prevention of the disease, taking care and being supportive with our workers, stakeholders and communities in our area of influence, guaranteeing our operations’ continuity, and supporting authorities and the health system,

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