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Corantioquia awards Mineros Aluvial and Negocios Agroforestales with Category AA Sustainability Seal

The Regional Autonomous Corporation of the Center of Antioquia recognized Mineros Aluvial S.A.S. BIC for the second time and Negocios Agroforestales S.A.S. BIC for the first time, in Category AA, for using differentiation elements in its productive processes, promoting the implementation of best environmental practices and its commitment to sustainability in the jurisdiction of Corantioquia.

Efficient resource management and implementation of sustainable consumption and production programs focused on the reduction of negative environmental impacts, were some of the criteria evaluated to obtain the Seal.

This recognition demonstrates our good understanding of sustainability and how we are focusing our actions, not only in economic growth, but truly contributing to improve levels of wellbeing and the living standards of the communities where we are present.

This Sustainability Seal was awarded for a period of one year.

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