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The Company


Our responsible mining work promotes sustainable development for the wellbeing of all, in search of operational excellence achieved through innovation and continuous improvement. We work with empowered, ethical and competent personnel, respecting human rights and legal regulations.

Great Place To Work

The Great Place To Work certification is a recognition of the quality of the work environment in which organizational objectives are achieved, with people who give the best of themselves and work as a team, all in an environment of trust.

For the validity of the certification, our four companies were recognized. In Colombia and Central America we are the first companies to achieve it.


Mineros Colombia

Mineros Aluvial S.A.S B.I.C, has its Environmental Management and Occupational Health and Safety Administration Systems certified under standards ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018, respectively. Both management systems are annually audited by ICONTEC, the Colombian certification company.


* The scope of both certified Management Systems are gold and related metals exploration and extraction.

* In 2023, ICONTEC certified our Zero Waste Management System at Mineros Colombia, making it the first company in the mining sector to obtain this endorsement.

Mineros Nicaragua - Hemco

At HEMCO Mineros Nicaragua we carry out mining well done, always seeking continuous improvement. That is why we take on the challenge of certifying ourselves in ISO 45001 and ISO 14001. To continue strengthening the work we do for the well-being of all.