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To register your resume and find out about the job offers available at Mineros S.A. (corporate office in Medellín), click here.

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To register your resume and find out about the job offers available at Mineros Colombia (Aluvial Operation), click here.

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Employment Policy

The commitment to working for the welfare of everyone begins with our employees. The values of honesty, respect, responsibility, simplicity, and solidarity sustain the culture of Grupo Mineros. This policy establishes our commitment to the development of our employees, their performance, and the sustainable achievement of results.

We promote fair and transparent recruitment practices. In our search and hiring processes, we are respectful of Human Rights and the dignity of the candidates. We connect people based on the evidence of their talent, experience, knowledge, adjustment to the culture, and work capacity.

We promote diversity and inclusion in our workforce. At Grupo Mineros, we actively work to create an environment that respects and values the diversity of people, where all employees feel they have opportunities to contribute to the business. We accept differences in age, gender identity or expression, ethnic origin, customs, physical attributes, beliefs, nationality, sexual orientation, and other personal characteristics. We are committed to attracting local talent and generating employment in the areas of influence of our Projects.