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Mission, vision & values

Mission, vision & values


Mineros S.A. is a corporation that focuses on gold and related metals mining, which aims to maximize value for its shareholders through the growth of production from its mining operations, based on a Comprehensive Management System and a framework of corporate social responsibility.


In 2025, Mineros S.A. will be renowned for the profitable growth of its production and good environmental, human and social management.

Corporate Values


We are transparent, we tell the truth and we do what is right

  • We are guided by ethical principles, we respect the authorities and we comply with regulations.

  • We are consistent in what we think, say and do.

  • We earn trust by consistently fulfilling our commitments.


We understand the value of cultural diversity and different ways of thinking.

  • We appreciate diversity and the autonomy of individuals and communities.

  • We promote human rights and we foster environments of healthy coexistence.

  • We build relationships based on trust and respectful treatment.


We take on the causes and consequences of our own actions.

  • We act consciously, assessing the effect of our behavior and decisions.

  • We understand that self-care and keeping a safe workplace are key in day to day activities.

  • We engage in environmental practices that ensure the sustainability of natural resources.


We are genuine, we recognize our mistakes and we learn from them in order to keep growing.

  • We are authentic, without pretensions or arrogance.

  • We learn from each other and help others to improve.

  • We listen to others and are open-minded to new ways of doing things.


We act for the well-being of the Company, our stakeholders and the environment.

  • We prioritize collective benefits over personal interests.

  • We work in collaboration to achieve common goals and results.

  • We help and support those who need us. We strive to be useful and to serve others.