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About Us



About Us

We are a company dedicated to responsible production and exploration of gold, with more than 47 years of experience. Our headquarters are located in the city of Medellín, Colombia. We have presence in four different countries, with production operations in Colombia, Nicaragua and Argentina, and exploration operations in the three countries, plus Chile.
In Colombia, Nechi Aluvial is our mining property located in the Lower Cauca Region of Antioquia, in northwestern Colombia.

In Nicaragua, we own Hemco, a mining operation located in Bonanza, a municipality in the Caribbean Coast, in the northeastern part of the country, where we have an underground mine and an artisanal mining program.

Our property in Argentina is Gualcamayo, which is in the municipality of San Juan, in northeastern Argentina, close to the Chilean border. This property has an open pit and an underground operation.

In Chile, we have the earn-in La Pepa Greenfield project with Yamana, in the region of Copiapó, in the northern part of the country. 



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Our Operations in Latin America

Nechí Alluvial Property
Hemco Property
Gualcamayo Property
La Pepa Earn-In