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Environmental Management

Environmental Management

Our commitment is to ensure the care of biodiversity and the sustainable use of natural resources.

As well as fully complying with the legal obligations to carry out mining operations, we focus on contributing to the strengthening and maintenance of the supply of environmental services, carrying out actions that strengthen the environmental integrity of the region.

Throughout the cycle of the mining project (exploration, mining, closure and post-closure), we shall ensure the improvement of the social, environmental and economic conditions of the people who live in the mining operations’ areas of influence.

Spheres of Intervention

Minimize the environmental impact of processes related to the use of water, soil and energy resources

Prevent, mitigate, correct and offset the environmental impacts on the population and ecosystems

Restore the intervened habitats and address any environmental liabilities through rural development actions in areas affected by mining

Strengthen local environmental management

Develop and implement risk management strategies to manage and mitigate the environmental impact of mining operations

Prevent and minimize the generation of contaminant loads

Foster the use of technological innovations with lower environmental impact

Promote the participation of the local community in the use, conservation and protection of natural resources

Adequately close mining operations