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Mineros Aluvial and Negocios Agroforestales become Companies of Collective Benefit and Interest (BIC, for its acronym in Spanish)
Aug, 31

Mineros Aluvial and Negocios Agroforestales become Companies of Collective Benefit and Interest (BIC, for its acronym in Spanish)

- The two subsidiaries of Mineros Group, become the second organization in the
 mining sector in Colombia, to amend their bylaws in order to implement a
transformation process into Companies of Collective Benefit and Interest - BIC.
- The commitments acquired by the Companies are framed within five (5) areas:
Business model, Corporate Governance, Work, Environmental and Community

Being conscious of the Company's main objective: "For the wellbeing of all" and fully committed with the development of the Lower Cauca region of Antioquia, Mineros Aluvial and Negocios Agroforestales, companies owned by Grupo Mineros, have changed into
Companies of Collective Benefit and Interest (BIC). This process took place after the amendment of bylaws approved by the Shareholders Assembly and satisfactorily registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Medellin, for Antioquia.

Commitments acquired through this transformation are reflected in five (5) areas: business model, corporate governance, work, environmental and community practices. With this, the Organization is committed to focus its actions around the wellbeing of its stakeholders, and leveraging its good practices.

With the completion of this process, Mineros Aluvial and Negocios Agroforestales become the second organizaitonn the mining sector of Colombia to respond to call made by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism to Colombian enterprises, to make a positive impact on the environment and the society, with the purpose to contribute to solve their problems.

“Being part of a new generation of companies with higher objectives, which go beyond economic results and even beyond ourselves, generating shared value and causing a triple impact at social, environmental and economic level, represents an even bigger challenge for us, as an organization, as leaders, and as persons. We assume the commitment of not lowering our guard in terms of best practices, always improving and promoting integral actions in benefit of the community and our workers, and helping preserve the environment.  Our economic activity shall be a vehicle to promote development and sustainable objectives as agents of change, being allies of the State and of our people, generating progress in the territory, and always seeking for the wellbeing of all", stated Santiago Cardona Múnera, Vice President, Mineros S.A. Colombia.

Commitments in the Five (5) Areas

Within the conception of our Corporate Model, the Company shall look after local contracting, helping alleviate poverty of our communities and encouraging vendors to generate practices aiming to comply with these purposes, becoming replicators of this experience. Also included in the Model, is the promotion of participation opportunities which highlight aspects such as inclusion, diversity and equity, as well as training, and physical and mental wellbeing programs. Environmental initiatives shall be framed by the dissemination of results, audits and programs which promote a positive impact on the environment, incentivating the use of sustainable tools as alternatives for our daily work. Likewise, making an impact on the community based on support given to social works and working opportunities for vulnerable populations.

About Mineros S.A.

For 46 years, Mineros S.A., a Colombian company, has worked with the commitment to implement sustainable mineral management processes which contribute to protect the environment and diversity, the wellbeing of all its stakeholders and the economic and social development of regions where Mineros S.A. has operations. Today, such good practices convert Mineros S.A. into an important reference in the sector.

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Catalina Torres Trejos –
Telephone +57 3186155371

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