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MINEROS S.A. Announces Special Measures for its General Shareholders Meeting
Mar, 20

MINEROS S.A. Announces Special Measures for its General Shareholders Meeting

Considering the health emergency declared in Colombia due to COVID-19, as well as instructions to restrict physical presence in meetings and/or events, Mineros S.A. informs its shareholders and other stakeholders, the adoption of the following measures, previously authorized by competent authorities, for the General Shareholders Meeting scheduled for next Wednesday, March 25, 2020.

1. The General Shareholders Meeting will only be virtual, via streaming. For that reason, the physical participation of shareholders for the meeting initially called to take place at the Marriott Hotel of Medellín, is cancelled.

2. To virtually participate in the General Shareholders Meeting, you shall previously register (until Tuesday, March 24, at 4 pm), sending the following information to email address: relacion.inversionistas@mineros.com.co :
a. Shareholder Natural Person: Copy of Identification Card (CC)
b. Shareholder Legal Person: Certificate of Incorporation and Legal Representation of the Chamber of Commerce and copy of Identification Card of the Legal Representative.
c. Proxy: Powers-of-attorney granted, with their respective annexes (copy of the identification cardo f the power grantor for natural persons, Certificate of the Chamber of Commerce of the power grantor and copy of the identification card of the Legal Representative, for legal persons).

3. Once this information is received and verified, we will send you an email with the link with which you can connect to the Meeting.

4. The system used in the Meeting will allow you to participate in writing and exercise your vote.

5. Information on all decisions subject to approval are available at Mineros Web page, www.mineros.com.co, under Section “Investors – General Shareholders Assembly”.

6. Additionally, in order to guarantee shareholders’ rights, Mineros, at its own expense, has arranged a scheme to allow shareholders to be represented by one of the following proxies, whose profiles can be found at Mineros Web page:

• Elisa Escobar Velásquez c.c. 1.037.635.819 - T.P. 313.124
• Lina Marcela Hoyos García c.c. 43.272.771 - T.P. 130.325

7. Shareholders may grant their powers-of-attorney indicating their vote intention. .

8. The power-of-attorney forms, with the respective voting instructions, are available on page www.mineros.com.co., under Section “Investors – General Shareholders Meeting”. Complete forms shall be sent to email address: relacion.inversionistas@mineros.com.co

9. To protect its shareholders, Mineros will hold the General Shareholder Meeting virtually; therefore, the only people who will physically attend the meeting will be the above-mentioned proxies, who will represent all shareholders that have completed the power-of-attorney process.

10. These measures may be modified, according to alert level established by authorities as of the date of the Meeting. For more information, see Web page www.mineros.com.co.

The previous measures have been adopted in alignment with recommendations from the National Government and the World Health Organization – WHO, in order to protect the health of our shareholders and the general community.

If you have any questions, please call our Department of Investor Relations at telephone +57-4 2665757 ext. 106.

Andrés Restrepo

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