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Mineros S.A recognized as best company in the “Women in Mining of Antioquia 2020”  award
Dec, 16

Mineros S.A recognized as best company in the “Women in Mining of Antioquia 2020” award

● For the first time, Mineros Aluvial S.A.S. BIC won the prize in the category “Best company committed to gender equality”, granted by the Government of Antioquia’s Secretariat of Mining, within the annual awards ceremony.
● The Company also received for the second consecutive year the “Antioquia’s Mining Corporate Seal”, in recognition for implementing private social investment best practices in the area of influence of its operations.

Medellín, December 3, 2020. The purpose of these awards is to exalt the role played by women in the mining sector and the commitment to be assumed by mining companies in order to guarantee responsible development of environmental and social activities.

It also seeks to highlight work done by women as articulators of initiatives for social transformation of communities and the importance of eco-mining as the goals of the company and the state, generating opportunities and sustainability in the territories.

During this event, the Secretary of Mines of Antioquia, Jorge Jaramillo, stated that “many companies in Antioquia have already implemented eco-mining practices, so we want to collect this fact, demonstrate eco-mining is possible and make it an important goal for the future”.

In this same event, the Company’s Vice President, Santiago Cardona, added that “women sow that first seed in the society and their community empowerment is seen by us every day at the Bajo Cauca area, noticing how they assume leadership in their territories and communities, becoming closely related to the ecology and being in charge of protecting the environment, promoting a peaceful coexistence and cultural transformation”.

Additionally, the company received Antioquia’s Mining Corporate Seal for the second consecutive year, in the Large-Scale Mining Project Category, highlighting social practices developed by Mineros Aluvial S.A.S. BIC in its area of influence.

Cardona also said that “coexistence between the sub-soil and the land is another of our great difficulties as a country and territory. We can extract the earth’s minerals if it is done properly. Besides, it is possible to coexist with proper management of the soil and generate other economic lines, such as we are doing with our other company, “Negocios Agroforestales. The objective is to link all progressive mines closed along with reforestation and other businesses”.

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