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Fundación Mineros


Fundación Mineros
Fundación de Mineros S.A. was established in 2010 by its sponsor, Mineros S.A., during the administration of Beatriz Uribe Restrepo, with the main purpose of promoting social, political and economic development in the regions of the country where it carries out mining operations, by performing activities related to health, sports, education, culture, scientific, technological and ecological research, environmental protection, social development programs, and in general any other legal activity that contributes to improving the life quality and well being of the populations, always in the general interest, which are to be accessible to the communities in which the Foundation carries out its activities.
Business Name:
Fundación de Mineros S.A.
Tax ID: 900.364.727-2
Carrera 43a #14-109,
Edificio Nova Tempo, piso 6, Medellín
Telephone no: 2665757
Organization Chart
General Meeting
Statutory Auditor Rubén Darío Henao
Board of Directors
Principal Members: Beatriz Uribe R. Santiago Cardona M. Jaime Jaramillo A.

Alternate Members:Juan Esteban Rincón. Juana Pérez.
Executive Director Carlos Alberto Londoño B.